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What to do if I have an “Unlicensed Product” in Office?

If you want to open Office 2019 Standard as normal, or if you have an urgent need for something in Word, Excel, or both, you will see the error message "Unlicensed Product" at the top. This message is important! You will soon lose your essential functions.

Unlicensed products in Microsoft Office can have serious consequences

Microsoft automatically places an unlicensed Office product on the same level as the licensed version trial versions these are for quality testing. Office 365 gives you the complete program scope.30 days this period is reduced to 5 by one-off licenses like Office 2019 Home & Student. Days. One-time licenses are a better option. You don't need to sign up for a subscription, and you still have access to all updates once activation is complete. This could help you save some money.

Microsoft will deactivate many of the functions that you use after the grace period of several business days if you don't take action when Office displays the error message "Unlicensed Product". If Microsoft office expired then you cannot access formatting templates or other buttons commands because they are grayed out. Neither edit texts nor tables neither creates new files. It is not possible to display, print, or copy documents, worksheets, or e-mails.

Microsoft 365 License Management

Microsoft 365 admin center allows you to create user accounts and assign licenses. You can purchase additional licenses as your organization grows. You can also remove one license and reassign it for another person. You can also reassign a license to someone who leaves your company, for example. This allows you to keep the right number of licenses for your organization without having to pay extra licenses.

The admin center also allows you to manage expired licenses. The Microsoft office expired license will prevent the user from using all their Microsoft 365 products. Either renew the license or give them another active license.

Access to Microsoft Teams or Exchange Online can be turned on and off within one license per user. You should note that activating features or deactivating them all doesn't impact license consumption. These individual controls are part of the user's product license and can be used to allocating (or removing!) a license.

Step-by-step remedy for unlicensed products


Usually, the message "Unlicensed Product" for Office 365 and Office 2016/2019 indicates a problem with activation software. Windows has many tools that can be used to renew the Microsoft office expired. We will cover them below.

Difficulties during installation. Follow the instructions for installing Office. You can also check if you have accidentally installed different versions of the software and delete all the things you don't need in the overview of the program.

Register correctly you may have used an office email address to create your Microsoft account. This information should be checked.

Your version expires. Unlicensed products may be a sign that your Office 365 subscription is inactive. This won't happen with our one-time Office licenses.

There are other ways to activate an unlicensed item


Microsoft offers a comprehensive alternative: Download the Microsoft App Support and Recovery Wizard From the official website and follow the instructions. After a quick scan, the program immediately suggests solutions for activating "Unlicensed Products", among other things.

Even if this tool doesn't work, there are still options:

Run Office as Administrator

Fix the Windows Date and Time

Eliminate Problems with connection

Up-to-date your Office version

If none of these steps help with activation, please contact our support via e-mail. We are happy to assist you.

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